Thursday, 12 February 2015

The Restaurant - new sketch from the Socks

The Socks have recorded a new show sketch - Restaurant Sketch - which stands alone but also acts as a trailer for Minging Detectives. And a story comes with it. This gag is one that Kev F wrote and drew for Oink comic way back in the dawns of time.

However I can't find the copy of Oink with it in, which is now no doubt deep in a long-unopened box in my office. I'll put the shout out and see if anyone can unearth it. Since doing this gag (in, most likely, 1988) the same punchline appeared in, I think, Spitting Image or some other sketch show. However I still lay claim to publishing it first, and the Socks are quite confident that it's my own gag they're covering.

The Socks will be debuting new material from Minging Detectives, and the best of their recent satire, at the Leicester Comedy Festival on Feb 13th. Book now.

Mar 13 & 14 Worcester Swan Theatre
Mar 20 Bury Met
Apr 1 Maesteg Town Hall
Apr 4 Rondo Bath Comedy Festival
Apr 18 Ropewalk Barton
Apr 24 Neath NRG Cafe
May 15 Exchange Keighley
May 22 & 24 Brighton Komedia
June 25 Cheltenham 
July 17 Carriageworks Leeds
Aug 5 - 31  Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Fringe

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