Sunday, 1 February 2015

The Socks Do Health & Safety (& you can't see it)

The Socks have been busy writing and trying things out on video over the past couple of weeks. Some of these you've seen (and I hope you're enjoying Minging Detectives works in progress like The Sweary, Broadchurch, Ian Rankin & Reservoir Dogs), but most of the videos they've produced are not for public consumption.

We're in the middle of writing a series of health and safety films that, if the client likes them, could be used for training purposes. In the past week we've produced 10 demos, ranging from Hazards In The Workplace to Bribery While Working Overseas. They're fun to do and a challenge too. If they like the direction we're taking, we'll do more as the job progresses. And you never know, someday you might get to see them. It depend who you go to work for and what training films they happen to show you. (We've also written some cracking crime skits which aren't going on Youtube and will get their first airings on stage, starting next week).

See the Scottish Falsetto Socks Live In Leicester Feb 13 - first glimpse of brand new material, and the best bits of And So Am I.

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