Sunday, 16 October 2016

Deadpool Had A Baby - comics by kids

Another week, another handful of Comic Art Masterclasses at schools and Literary Festivals. In some cases both. The above pair of comic covers are from the creations dreamed up by a mix of kids at my Saturday workshops in the Barn Centre, Thame, Oxon, as part of the Thame Art & Literature Festival. A return booking, they'd bagsied me so far in advance that I was unable to do Saturday classes at...

...Isle Of Wight Literary Festival. Which was a shame as we'd had a highly enjoyable Friday night launch event and Saturday morning chat with our fellow writers there last year. As it was, the IOWLF had to settle for me doing two weekdays of classes in primary schools. Above was a pair of Year 4 groups at The Ryde School in, well, Ryde.

And these two schools were in Newport, another cracking set of comic creations. The comics they take away are A5 photocopied jobs, the colour is just a little bit of after-care service I like to do in my spare time. (And you can certainly see that I've started colouring The Feeding Of The 5000 strip, in my day job as a comics artist, because I'm going to town on full colour instead of just a bit of speedy spot colour. A fool to myself, I am.)

These are from a Saturday of classes at Countesthorpe College. And for the Yellow Banana comic cover, I suddenly realised I don't have to put a solid border round the cover every time. Allowing me to indulge in another little bit of comic cliche, the "bursting through" cover (an entire blog-full of which I discovered the other day.)

The celebrities these eight groups chose to tread on a worm were Donald Trump (three times), Simon Cowell, Katy Perry, Mary Berry, Declan Donnelly and Justin Bieber.

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