Monday, 10 October 2016

Me on the People's History Of Pop

Way back in February I recorded a couple of interviews for a show called The People's History Of Pop. One interview, shot in front of Conan in my old bedroom in Kibworth, was supposed to appear on the Midlands' version of BBC 1's Inside Out, but seems to have bitten the dust. However the main interview I did, in my freezing cold office at the start of the year, finally saw the light this week on BBC Four.  Here's the whole show on YouTube, and here's my short appearance.

The series of programmes is a marvellous nostalgia fest, looking at fans and memorabilia collectors, along with people who've been in bands, and anyone whose lives have been touched by pop music over the years. Our episode, part 3 of the series, covers 1976 - 85 and opened with me looking at my diary. The Picture Diary, which of course has its own blog - My 1970s Diary - started in 1974 and ran to late 1977, with me illustrating a full page every day, without a day missed. The thing that attracted the programme to me was my Records For The Day, which is what I talk about in the show.

Their interest in my diary has revived my own interest in it, and I'm uploading more pages from the three volumes I've been able to find (mid 1976 to late 77) as and when. There's a nice bit of cultural history in these pages and I'd love them to reach a wider audience some day. For the time being, have a glance at the blog and let me know if you like them.

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