Sunday, 25 December 2016

Elf, Dylan, apostles, plagiarism - more Facebook jottings

Okay, I've put the Elf on a shelf. What do I do now?


So, I watch Bob Dylan singing Must Be Santa, Google Ads decide I want to learn Hebrew. In French. Those algorithms.


Got an Only Connect for you:
Jeffrey Hardy = Missing
Leonard Skinner = Poisoned
Joe Spivy = Poison Ivy 
Bunkmate = Malaria

The connection is..?


Wow, just been blocked by someone called Nick Price (fellow comic, I thought) when I called him out for nicking other peoples photo art and re-posting it on Facebook without credits. I know he'd reappropriated some work by Vincent Bal. But I don't know who the other artists are. Nick replied claiming that he had definitely done these himself. Had he?

The hand-plant is by an artist called Troqman. It appears on his facebook page, with lots of similar works on his website.


Having enjoyed Muslims Like Us on BBC2, I've done a bit of light reading (ie Wikipedia) on the Shia/Sunni split. Does seem, objectively, to be making a bit of a mountain out of a molehill. One line from the Hadith of the pond of Khumm puzzles me: "Allah... has told me that no apostle lives to more than half the age of him who had preceded him". No apostle lives more than half the age? Then what happens if an apostle goes on to have apostles of their own? (Oh god, I've got to google the actual meaning of apostle now)

Yeah, that's what I thought. An apostle is just a messenger, one who spreads your word. So, surely, anyone who spreads the word they receive from that apostle becomes that apostle's apostle. But, if the Prophet's right, that apostle is only allowed to live to half the age of the apostle who preceded him. By the time that message gets three generations on, you'll be relying on the version you get from a three year old. Nightmare.

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