Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Wee Guy - kids' comics from Glasgow

This week I had the pleasure of three days in Glasgow teaching the First Years at Eastbank Academy how to write and draw comics. The 6 groups of kids produced some fabulous stuff between them. These are just the front covers of the A5 photocopied comics each of them takes away at the end, with colour added by me after the fact.

As always, the titles of these anthology comics are chosen by every one in the class writing a name down on a piece of paper and us doing a knockout round of one versus another until we end up with the favourite. This is usually the one that's made them laugh the most. Quite what Posest Bacon was supposed to mean, I don't know. Tunufu is, apparently, the name of their grouping in English. No, I'm none the wiser.

The hairstyle and eyebrows you can see on the Tunufu cover were a feature that popped up a couple of times. It seem shaving half your head and having the rest in a quiff is a big thing with the boys, and thankfully only a couple of the girls had given themselves Frida Kahlo eyebrows that looked like they'd been applied by a road painter.

The celebrities they chose for my demonstration strip were Cristiano Ronaldo (twice), Donald Trump, Beyonce, Jeremy Kyle, and Selena Gomez.

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