Monday, 10 April 2017

Dandelion experiment

Eurgh. No, it's okay, you're allowed to say it. Eurgh. Who wants to look at a photo of a scab? You're right, nobody does. So please feel free to move on. This is the photographic record of an experiment that I tried over the past week. The Dandelion Experiment.

It's something that I first tried way back in 2005, and for the life of me I can't remember where I got the idea from. But it worked then, and it seems to have worked again. I've done it at least one other time inbetween. It seems, you see, that the juice from a dandelion gets rid of warts.

First time I tried it, it was for a wart of my hairline. A week later, after going gruesomely dark and scabby, the thing had gone leaving smooth skin beneath. This time I tried it in three places. On a rather well established bump on my face to the left of my nose, on a smaller white spot above it, and on a mole-like thing on my neck. The two spots on my face seem to have gone through the dandelion process and emerged unaffected, like so:

But, as you can see from the progress at the top of the page, the mole fared far better. The first picture shows the mole in situ before I applied the dandelion. Then we see the area around the mole reddening, the mole itself turning into a scab while the skin around erupts in tiny pustules (none of which turn into complete spots or burst), then the scab falls off, and gradually the inflamed surrounding skin returns to normal. At time of writing it's not quite smooth, but it's heading in the right direction. That said, there's now a small, clear, translucent wart about a centimetre below where the mole was, so perhaps I'm back to square one. But a less visible square one, which I consider not a bad result.

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