Thursday 20 April 2017

Story of Rahab & Jael Wife Of Heber written

Having finished the script for Book Of Ruth last month, and the artwork for Book Of Esther the month before, I've had the tentative go ahead to write more Bible stories and today finished and delivered two brand news scripts, The Story of Rahab (above) and Jael Wife Of Heber (below).

My fascinating investigations into the stories of the Bible continue and, if I get the greenlight to draw all these strips up, we will have a 60 page graphic novel ready to spring on the world. As I may have said, I'm rather pleased with my humorous adaptations of  these stories from the Old Testament, and I really hope that everyone at Bible Society will agree, so that the public can get to enjoy them.

One of the most amusing details I discovered during my research was the appearance Jael Wife Of Heber makes in the works of PG Wodehouse. If you're familiar with the story, and as per usual I wasn't until I wrote my adaptation, you'll know that (spoiler alerts) she gets a bit violent with a hammer and a tent peg. As a result, she features heavily in Renaissance art cos, come on, who doesn't want to paint the chick with the stake in skull-crushing action? It's hard not to become a Jael fan, and Wodehouse was definitely one. She gets a mention in half a dozen of his stories, including this from Bertie Wooster in The Code Of The Woosters:

"Just before Jeeves came in, I had been dreaming that some bounder was driving spikes through my head—not just ordinary spikes, as used by Jael the wife of Heber, but red-hot ones."

Jael Wife Of Heber, Story of Rahab, Book of Ruth and Book of Esther could see the light by the end of the year if we're all lucky. Stay tuned for updates.

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