Saturday, 10 June 2017

The DUP Explained - new video by the Socks

After the longest break they've ever taken from video-making, the Scottish Falsetto Socks have returned to the studio with a short piece about the DUP, who are in today's news and, one can only hope, not in it for too long. But, being the day after the General Election, we're learning that not only is a week in politics a long time, every half an hour in politics sees something unpredictable happen. In the half hour that this video was uploading, Labour took Kensington for the first time ever, and Sinn Fein suggested that working with the DUP breaks the Good Friday Agreement. Interesting times.

And this video has proved pleasantly popular. Just 12 hours after it went up on Youtube it's had over 1500 views, while on Facebook it appears to have been even more popular, with 20,000 supposed views, 129,000 people "reached", 300 likes and 450 shares. This is fun, we should do more of this stuff.

UPDATE: 10.30pm Saturday night, our Facebook video is on 73,000 views, 274,908 people reached, 667 likes, and 1467 shares. Original Youtube video on 2847 views, subtitle version on 202.

7am Sunday: Facebook 82K views, 298,028 reached, 708 likes, 1590 shares. Youtube 3150 & 284.

7pm Sunday: Facebook 102,650 views, 343,457 reached, 822 likes, 1921 shares. Youtube 3510 & 353.

4pm Monday: 122,629 views, 393,288 reached, 924 likes, 2201 shares. Youtube 4101 & 434.
7am Tuesday: 131,869 views, 412,607 reached, 965 likes, 2327 shares. Youtube 4326 & 527.
11.30pm Tues: 140,938 views, 429,316 reached, 1K likes, 2459 shares. Youtube 4451 & 563.
11pm Thurs: 148,125 views, 450,078 reached, 1K likes, 2546 shares. Youtube 4710 & 642.

Saturday June 17: 150,000 views (they stop telling you the exact number after that point), 456,533 reached, 1K likes (they long since stopped giving an exact figure) and 2558 shares. That'll do, pig, that'll do.

UPDATE: Many months later, on September 3rd: 154,691 views, 1K likes, 2595 shares (reach unknown). Youtube 5653 (raw) & 1065 (subtitled). So, little movement since its initial week in June, more on Youtube than on Facebook.

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