Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Warriors Of Moss Side - new comics by kids

My Comic Art Masterclasses have again taken me around the country, and as always I try and represent the kids in the class if I can, when they come up with titles for the comic the class produces together. So we have the Year 5s of St Marys Primary in Moss Side depicted as a hijab-wearing Wasp, and Captain Moss Side looking more like an average kid in the class, in skin tone if not in muscle mass. And I always love having a pastiche to draw, so not only did I have fun with the cover of Avengers No 4, but also the poster for Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes.

Oh how drole kids can be. When you have older teenagers - and these groups at Sunday masterclasses in Burgess Hill's Martlets Hall included kids from 7 to 17 - you get the ironic titles. Hence Creatively Named Comic, on which I've depicted the runner-up title, a Kangaroo with a solar panel.

They came up with cats in Burgess Hill and they came up with cats in Guildford, at the G Live Centre. And potatoes. Kids love potatoes, chicken, and cheese. You're never far away from those foodstuffs when you get kids to come up with a random title.

I was trying to make this baby look like a baby, and didn't want him to look totally bald. Call me overly-politically-correct, but my picture research suggested to me that BAME babies tend to be born with more hair than caucasian babies. Trouble is I may have been rushing it, so we end up with a baby who looks like it's been born with creeping alopeceia. I can only apologise. The Planet Of The Apes cover was done in a class spread over two days, so I was able to colour it when it was only half-finished, the pupils having not yet added their contributions, which they do while I'm drawing their caricatures.

The celebrities these groups close for my demonstration strip were Benedict Cumberbatch, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mel B, Donald Trump (three times), and, most original suggestion of the week, Mr Tumble.

Comic Art Masterclasses coming up in 2017:
June 24 - Ludlow Assembly Rooms

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