Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Pandemonium Pig Travel Ship Whirpool Turtles - comics by kids

Another week of travels to schools far and wide, and a very healthy word count on the titles the kids have come up with for their comics. These two classes from Broadchalke Primary School in Wiltshire give us 16 words between them alone.

I must say Woooo! I can't believe my comic contains this much banter! is my favourite title from a pretty high quality week. These from Ashlyns School in Berkhamsted where, for the second time this year, I found myself arriving at a school that had been evacuated because of a fire alarm. It was, in fact, a hoax bomb email which is, it seems, quite a common thing lately. They are sent to dozens of schools at once, occupying hours of police time, to what end I can't quite work out.

Dean Close School in Cheltenham is the independent school that the Reverend Marcus Morris, inventor of The Eagle comic, went to. It was also a school whose timetabling vagiaries were such that I ended up having to do three classes in a day, which is slightly different from my usual working method. But, of course, I managed it, and the three groups produced these two comics between them.

In Ludlow, on Saturday, I did one class in the library before doing a Socks show that evening. They came up with a comic whose title might not be very original. But by god look at that word count.

The celebrities these 8 classes (yes 8 classes producing 7 classes, see above) chose for my demonstration strip were Simon Cowell, Ellen Degeneres, Kim Kardashian (twice), Donald Trump (twice), Mr Bean, and Michael Jackson.

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