Sunday, 2 July 2017

In The Death Garden - comics by kids

I really enjoyed drawing this cover for the year 7 pupils at The Romsey School, and am still waiting for the comeback. I've drawn CBeebies caricatures decapitating each other, surely some parent's got to complain? No word yet. Quite pleased with my mountain goat too, thanks very much.

You wait for weeks for the excuse to draw an EC comic cover pastiche, then two come along in the same week. Terror and Death, what else could one do eh? These from Fortismere School in Muswell Hill.

My classes in Baldock in Herts on Saturday produced a couple of corking comics, despite being the worst attended classes I think I've ever done. This year I've done more classes in art centres than ever before and they've been very well attended. From Prema Arts in Gloucestershire where they charged £30 a ticket and sold out 28 places, through ticketed classes in Guildford, Dorchester, Zion in Bristol, to Guernsey Library, and Martlets Hall in Burgess Hill, it's been sellouts all the way. But somehow Baldock didn't get the message and we wound up with 8 kids in the morning, and 5 in the afternoon. They got all the more of my attention and the classes were as much fun as full classes, though not quite as profitable as the art centre would have liked.

Forres Sandle Manor was an interesting class, including as it did a dozen Belgian pupils who spoke no English. Their teachers did a sterling job of translating as we went along, and we came up with a fine comic production. And only one class to do, while I got to charge for the full day. Long live independent schools, eh?

The celebrities these 7 groups chose to star in my demonstration strip were Donald Trump (twice), Simon Cowell, Damon Albarn, Tom Baker, Kanye West and, delightfully (as he died last week) Adam West. An extra fun detail is that the pupil in Fortismere School who suggested Tom Baker is the son of Pete Doherty.

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