Thursday, 20 July 2017

Kittens In A Blender - comics by kids

Here at St Sidwell's Primary in Exeter, we see the clear difference between year 3 and year 6. When asked to come up with a name for the group comic, the youngest kids choose Kung Fu Kittens, the oldest kids put the Kittens In A Blender. As always, the kids take away a black and white A5 photocopied comic containing all of their strips and an individual caricature by me, all behind these covers, which I draw while they're getting on with their work.

Obviously I love doing a good homage, so apropos of nothing - and totally unrelated to the title they'd come up with - I did a pastiche of a Neal Adams Batman cover, with Donald Trump thrown in for the hell of it. These two are from DeFerrers Academy in Burton, working with years 7 to 10. For who, for some reason, there is nothing funnier than the meme "Why you don't go in Shrek's swamp". I still have no idea why.

The Latitude Festival was fun again, with my classes run in tents, and so the kids didn't get a copy of the comic to take away. But they gave me a chance to do a nifty Theresa May drawing, and they chose Jeremy Corbyn as their favourite celebrity, which was nice.

Back at St Sidwell's school, we get the sweetest titles of the week. Hermione and a Unicorn? And a pasty? This is what you want your kids to be doing isn't it? So let's pretend this is what they come up with every time, shall we?

The celebrities these 8 groups chose to appear in my demonstration strip were Jeremy Corbyn, Simon Cowell, Elvis Presley (twice), Emma Watson, Donald Trump (twice), and Ed Sheeran.

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