Tuesday, 11 July 2017

More Ducks, Pigs, Unicorns, Trump - comics by kids

Howard The Duck remains probably the favourite comic from my childhood, so I was delighted to have an excuse to draw him (ie copy Gene Colan's classic front cover) on this comic from my class at Norwich's Lords Mayor Day classes in the library. On the other hand, on the same day, I got to draw a Star Wars parody, which was fun, despite the fact that I am Earth's least Star Wars-y person. It's not as bad as Pink Floyd in my list of Top Ten things I hate, but it's up there.

Favourite cover of the week, and nicest title, is Piglet Power Choo Choo Shlay Hub Tea Crunchy Bottom. That'll do, Piglet Power, that'll do. And Donald Trump is back after a while away, appearing on his second cover in a few days. Not as contentious as last week's Assassinate Trump, so that's good.

What is it with teenagers and memes? These kids were year 7 to 9, and so many of their suggestions were unoriginal memes. It must be a vital part of growing up, the need to join in and blend in rather than stick out and be original (which year 5 & 6 excel in), but it is frustrating when you're trying to encourage them to be imaginative. En route to coming up with Spicy Memes, this class at Pill (just down the road, shortest drive to work all year) came up with titles that ranged from KFC to Killer Chickens to Nandos and back. What did my generation do, before they'd invented takeaway fried chicken? Oh yes, I remember. Stayed thin.

The celebrities these classes chose to star in my demonstration strip were The Queen, Bob Marley, Kim Kardashian, John Lennon, David Walliams, and most novel choice of the bunch Rick Astley.

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