Sunday, 30 July 2017

When Trump Got The Bieber Fever - comics by kids

I try, if I can, to avoid the kids coming up with Donald Trump as a suggestion for either the front cover or the demonstration strip in my Comic Art Masterclasses. Because once the name Trump comes up, kids can think of nothing funnier and he'll end up as their choice. So, when I show them the collection of comics by previous groups, I hide the Trump covers away and hope they'll be original and imaginative. In this week's classes, Trump trumped all, again, and wound up on three covers and two demonstration strips. But, hey, I'm well pleased with these covers from Backwell school. Two monochrome designs in a day. Quite stylish.

 If it's Tuesday, I must be in Greenock and Port Glasgow. A whistle-stop trip via Glasgow airport to two libraries. It is, finally summer holidays everywhere (though Scottish kids have been off for at least a fortnight and most go back in three weeks time), so I'm doing summer activities, in this case in Inverclyde libraries. And, yes, Trump is as big in Greenock as he is in Backwell.

Back in Backwell, we managed a whole day without a Trump title (though, as you can see from the reference I've put on the cover, he featured in the demo strip). The kids go away with an A5 comic, containing a strip by every one of them. I then add a bit of colour to the covers after the fact.

Saturday in Woodbridge Library, near Ipswich, counts as the longest journey of the week. Yes, it takes longer to get to East Anglia than it takes to get to Glasgow. And the kids managed a double-Trump here, with him starring in the demonstration strip in one class, and the cover of the other.

The celebrities these 8 groups chose for my demonstration strip were The Queen, Kim Kardashian, Will Smith, Donald Trump (twice), Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Beyonce.

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