Wednesday, 20 May 2020

History of Denmark Street - new video, and work in progress

This weekend I made A Brief History Of Denmark Street, a 15 minute video about the history of the street where my book's set. It's quite good fun, a couple of gags slipped in among and subtle re-writing of wikipedia (there's a little more research, but frankly not that much). Please tell me if you enjoy it.

Meanwhile work goes on on Prince of Denmark Street - catalogued day by day in my virtual worksheet here. At time of writing I've just drawn page 90 of 118, which I calculate, having started drawing on April 16th means that over 34 days that averages out at 2.647 pages per day, a lot slower than its predecessor Findlay Macbeth. Mind you, Findlay Macbeth didn't get drawn in conditions like this...

Yeah, take that, all of you digital artists working on your cintiqs! Let's see you ink 4 pages out in the flaming sunshine. (I have a bit of sunburn now, the truth be told. But did I mention four pages inked?).

And, fingers crossed, my lovely struggling printer may, hopefully hopefully, be able to get my Findlay Macbeth books to me soon. They're two months late, but that's hardly his fault. He has to wait for things like slots at bookbinders, and everyone's suffering lockdown difficulties, so I bet he'll be as relieved as I'll be delighted when he finally gets my job off his hands and into mine. Then I can have the fun of sending them to my patient Kickstarter punters. All fun to look forward to.

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