Friday, 15 May 2020

Miley Cyrus - new video from the Socks

The Socks made their second appearance on Dean Friedman's Live Stream at the weekend (Sunday May 10th) and used the slot as the incentive to record a new song - Miley Cyrus (click to watch).

Dean has asked us to make regular appearances, so we'll be back in a fortnight with another excuse to write and record something. In this instance we wheeled out the Miley song that I've already blogged about, which was actually scribbled down before the Covid crisis started, in the first week of March, and by the start of April felt a bit outdated. However, a month further on, I don't think it sounds that bad.

So I pulled out the keyboard, for, I think, the first time this year, and made me a new Garageband recording. The video is shot from the laptop to be in keeping with the rest of Dean's podcast. The Socks also did a live chat, and popped up to sing along with him on two of his kids songs, Mama Said and This Is Hot. I pre-recorded our musical slot as that was the only way to mime along in synch and not fall foul of the transatlantic delay (and I can only cue a piece of music properly when I have no Socks on my hands, sorry to ruin the illusion).

The whole DeanZine Live Stream is here, and you'll find us back on May 24th.

The Scottish Falsetto Socks full hour-long Superheroes show is available, free, on Youtube here. See more of their videos all over Youtube, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. And, if you're lucky, they'll be performing live again as soon as that's a thing.

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