Saturday, 18 July 2020

Socks All Request Zoom Party July 31st

They're back - and this time it's impersonal.

I'm delighted to announce the Scottish Falsetto Socks' return to live performance with an hour long All Request Zoom Party on Friday July 31st at 7pm. We'll be performing the most popular choices, and some favourites from the suggestions, though we can't guarantee to squeeze everyone's suggestions in.

We had a successful technical rehearsal on Thursday 16th, a taste of which you can see here. We still have to improve the sound quality for recorded music, and I think I have that in hand. If this works, and indeed if anyone buys tickets for it (at time of writing, Saturday morning, we've been on sale for 12 hours and sold 11 tickets, so not a bad start at all) then I'd like to do a series of Socks shows through August when we would, of course, have been playing the Edinburgh Fringe. 

My favoured idea is redoing some of our classic shows. Having put out a shout on Facebook, the favourite choice so far is a Best Of show, with Socks In Space in second place, and Superheroes next. There have been votes for Boo Lingerie and Minging Detectives, but so far no shouts for Roll Up or Shakespeare. I may have to organise a better poll. 

UPDATE: Sales have been good. It's been like the good old days of Edinburgh, checking my stats every few hours to see they've gone up. The odd thing is, of course, that sales go up one at a time. Whereas, for a live show, tickets are commonly bought by couples. For an online gig, two people see you for the price of one. At time of writing (Weds July 22) sales stand at 34.
Sat July 25, sales are 41.

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