Friday, 1 January 2010

Dr Who End Of Time? What was all that?

Just watched Dr Who The End Of Time part two. What the bloody hell was that all about? Last 15 minutes great, first hour total nonsense.

Must have been fun directing Timothy Dalton. You'll do one scene sitting down in a blank room and spouting nonsense. Then another standing in a blank room and spouting nonsense. Then a third standing in a white room and spouting nonsense. A couple of times you may have to stick your arm out and wiggle your fingers. Can you do that for me luvvie?

Sigh, I am no doubt in a minority. I just wish there'd been a plot that made some sense at some point.

Oh and Mickey's married to Martha?

So, putting aside the big problem that this story was being watched by all the grans and kids and families hanging round for the holidays, who've never watched Dr Who before and needed it explaining to them, could someone explain it to me?

The Master has been psychotically mad since the age of 8 because the Timelords went back and planted a drumming noise in his head that they could then connect to with a White Point Diamond (sounds like a type of cider) which would enable them to jump from the middle of the Time War (whatever that was in the end) taking their whole planet with them? And the Master couldn't hear this drumming for the first 20 odd years of his Dr Who appearances, then started hearing them again last year?

And President Rassilon throws this Diamond White thing into a holgram floating above a table and it shoots to Earth then they follow it? Taking their whole bloody planet with them?

Then the Dr shoots some machine or other and they go back. The end? What? What the bloody hell was all that about?

And then he gets killed by some radiation, invisible, silent and totally disappointing. Then they milk the goodbyes and... oh hang on, new trailer!

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