Sunday, 10 January 2010

Films Made Scottish, Twitter round up

One of the most fun things with Twitter is these hashtag games, not unlike the Sitcom Trials Pitch Fest, where people all over the word make up gags, usually wordplays. As I went to bed last night I pitched a couple of gags into a game called Films Made Scottish, and awoke to find some stoaters. Here are some of my faves (a couple of mine have made the cut)

Rear Windae
Free Wullie
Aye, Robot
Bridie of Frankenstein
Robert the Bruce Almighty
The Shortcake Redemption
Kilt Bill
Men Who stare at Oats
Little Miss Sunshine on Leith
Callander girls
Carry On Up the Close
Chick Young at heart
1 Day of Summer
Blade scunner
Sabrina the Teenage Mum
'Lo Lita
Debbie does Haggis
Sponge Bob Square Breeks
Mighty Corstorphine Power Rangers
Desperately Seeking Susan Boyle
My Big Fat Greenock Wedding

Weans World
Tennents Superbad
Deer Munter
Meet Me in St Andrews
A Clockwork Orange Walk
The Silence of the Lums
Citizen Pat Kane
Lilo & Stitch This
Ned Man Walking
Indiana Jones & the Temple of We're All Doomed!
Tay Story
Con Ayr
The Dirk Knight
Midnight Crofter
The Boab Identity
There's Something About Maryhill
Monster's Bawbag
Up Ye!

Last Tango In Partick
Charlie & the Tablet Factory
Man On Giro
Glaikit & Mair Glaikit
It's a Wonderful Fife
Throw Ma Broon Aff A Train
Bay City Rollerball
Priscilla Queen of the South
Glengarry Glenrothes
The Karate Loon
A Clapshot In The Dark
Crieff Encounter
The Tron
The Eternal Sunshine on Leith of the Spotless Mind

Krankie & Johnny
Perth Girls Are Easy
Burns Night of the Living Dead
How The Wet Wet Wet Was Won
A poke o chips Now
Sgian Dubh The Right Thing
Reservoir Dugs
Blood Pudding Simple
Back To The Choochter
Irn-Bru Man
Full Metal Jaiket
anything by Jacques Tattie
Carry-Oot Up The Khyber
Fort William The Bronx
The Chronicles of Nairn
Boxing Helensburgh
Uncle Buckfast
The Big Neep
White Heathers
The Gallus Menagerie
Tartan Fink
Renfrew Over the Cuckoos Nest
The Man With Two Bairns

... and "older tweets are no longer available". So that was fun while it lasted.

The Award Winning* Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's show Superheroes is on Youtube, complete and free, for you to watch NOW! 

*Winners of the Bath Comedy Festival Lovehoney Best Joke Award 2018


July 11 - Neath Comedy Festival


Chips for the Poor said...

For all the James Bond fans. A View to a Kilmarnock. GoldundeeEye. Licence to Killbride. You Orkney Live twice.

Unknown said...

Fear and loathing of Glasvegas.

This one wasn't mine: Bring me the Hedinburgh of Alfredo Garcia

Mike said...

Full Mental Jaiket surely?

Rob Townsend said...

Nothing by Walt Disnae?

Lilly said...

Dear James Bond fan, how could you forget => Dr Nae?

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