Friday, 8 January 2010

Youtube not as good as it was

A small and trivial (and drunken) complaint, but Youtube used to be great and now it ain't.

You used to type in one video, and some random suggestions would come up that took you anywhere. I've had many a night surfing video to video never knowing what wild suggestion would come next.

Now it's gone all corporate and branded. If you choose a pop video by one artist, all you get is videos by that same artist. No. Wrong.

And if you try and find something on a subject or theme, you get the nearest branded group or programme that comes close, and no variety.

Viz tonight's choice. I want to see international (ie from other countries) versions of Strictly Come Dancing (as mentioned on BBC2 show I just watched). I type in the right words and I get nothing but UK's Strictly and , frustratingly, something by me. Not what I was looking for.

Here's what I got, in strict (ho ho) order of Youtubeness:

1) Strictly Come Dancing 2007 Time To Say Goodbye
2) Katherine Jenkins Strictly Come Dancing gossip
3) The Showbiz 411 on RATM, Joe McElderry, Strictly Come Dancing Final,
4) Come Dancing '80 Peter Maxwell dancing a Paso Doble solo
5) Come Dancing '80 Michael Stylianos & Lorna Lee Showdance
6) JCI London - Strictly come Hungarian Dancing
7) Claire King visits training project in Lesotho, Africa
8) IDTA Foxtrot International Award 4
9) Spring Fair International 09 Richard Hollis - BBC Worldwide
10) Sitcom Trials Grand Final Dec 1 2009 - AND THAT'S ME!!

Yes, ME! Ten selections, one of them me, none of which gives me a link to International Strictly Come....

I mentioned I'd been drinking. Maybe this will all seems reasonable in the morning.

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