Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Great British Comic, some thoughts

My latest thoughts on the Great British Comic:

A periodical paper comic sold on a newsstand will never, I think, happen again. Looking at the state of newspapers and magazines and the progress of online publishing, I can only see online continuing to beat paper.

In the past four days I have been approached about turning my comic strip content into 3 different online formats - an iPhone app, a new tech being developed for strips, and a Comic Book Reader things. None of these involved me earning any money, and one was going to actually cost me money to get into. However stuttering the uptake of these things is, I see them becoming established.

I've also just been watching the launch of the ultra-absorbent Apple iPad ($499 for Regular, costs more for Ultra, Maxi & Nightime - insert own iTampon gags here). However daft its name might be, it is the size of a comic.

So, there's my thought on the format for any comic, it will be online and you'll earn bugger all from it.

However the book is a different thing. Books are big, books make good presents, books are taken seriously, everyone loves books and, thanks to Amazon and print on demand, books have never been bigger and easier to get into publishing.

So I see the future of comic strip art as being in books.

The only criteria, then, for the content is that it needs to be good. And lots of people have to want it and therefore buy it.

And those are my thoughts on comics. Now, lets' all go out and write them. If they're good enough we'll be rich.

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