Sunday, 28 February 2010

BBC 3 sport - an idea

Thinking more about the cuts to the BBC and where they should be made. First question is whether we need an inquiry into the role of talent agents and agencies in the cost of talent and the jobs for the boys culture that has arisen. I can't research at the moment, but is it not the case that certain talents who seem ubiquitous on TV often turn out to be represented by the same companies. Someone look into Big Brother, Saturday night ITV, Friday night BBC, Avalon, Open Mike, Princess and Off The Kerb for me would you. I'm sure I'm imagining any sort of correlation, but it would be nice to know. The facts.

Then there's BBC 3. I have a personal bugbear about sport disrupting mainstream programming. And I also wonder what BBC 3 is for a lot of the time. I champion its new drama ( though it's regularly outclassed by BBC 4 in that regard) and it's attempts at new comedy ( though since I've not been on there since 2008 I await an improvement in that regard). But how many repeats of Dr Who and Family Guy do we really need? And why is BBC 3 (& 4) off air before 7pm?

Could we not, as was done with Five Live, turn BBC 3 into the default channel for BBC sport? So when snooker overruns or there is a football match that drunken blokes simply
must not miss, we bump an episode of Dog Borstal instead of having to move Eastenders and scrub BBC 1's Friday night schedule as happened this week

I commend BBC 3 Live for your consideration.

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