Friday, 5 February 2010

Comics by me, inc Star Trek & Marvel, now online

Thanks to a website I've only just discovered called, I've found not only a plethora of classic comics that I can direct my school pupils towards (every Spirit newspaper strip, every silver age Marvel comic, every issue of 2000AD etc etc, all archived to read onscreen - it's like YouTube but for comics) but also some comics featuring my own work, some of which I've not seen for ten years.

My favourite find was the only story I've written for Marvel, a Werewolf strip that I both scripted and inked. It's here: Moon Jack (starts on page 40).

And here's my first ever ever ever published comic strip, Captain Klep from 2000AD. They didn't put my writers credit on it at the time, but eventually listed me here.

Talking of uncredited work, while sharing a studio with Mark Buckingham I inked some Ghost Rider backgrounds uncredited, and snuck my name into the graffitti, rather as I do in my Beano stories. See if you can find my name on page two of this Ghost Rider 2099

I went on to work with Mark on Doctor Strange. This is a nice issue from our run, and this one I actually got to pencil parts of rather than just inking. And this Star Trek cover I even managed to get my name on the cover. Browse around in these areas and you'll find a lot of my Marvel work over my years there, mostly inking.

And here's the one bit of my Beano work I could find, the start of the serial Fundos, one of my early Beano classics (starts page 17).

Hits from the pits. I heartily recommend this website.

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pmrussell said...

I've loved html comics for some time. Every time I check in, to read another comic, I hold my breath hoping it isn't taken down due to copyright infringements or something. Its good to see that you don't mind the free use of your work. I just hope Marvel looks the other way too. Neil Gamain once said that he liked the idea of his work being passed around. It pulls in readers, who might not otherwise be exposed to his work.

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