Monday, 8 February 2010

John Prescott in Kev F's Comic Art Masterclass

In my Comic Art Masterclass, which I run in schools, libraries colleges and art centres I do a demonstration of comic strip storytelling which involves a famous person walking down the street. I ask the kids to suggest who the subject should be. In the last six months the most popular suggestion has been Michael Jackson (who was also the favourite choice for the preceding five years), run a close second by Simon Cowell. Other popular suggestions are Cheryl Cole, Gordon Brown, The Queen, Barack Obama, and anyone who's been in the public eye recently. Wildest suggestion, by 11 year olds in Cambridge, is Tim Brooke Taylor.

Today the name chosen by a year 5/6 group in a school in Melksham, Wilts was John Prescott.

And I might just add that, though I do this class in schools all over the country, including indepedent schools and schools in many privileged parts of suburbia and ruralania, never once have I had to draw this strip featuring David Cameron.

Maybe my money shouldn't go on the obvious horse on May 6th?

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