Saturday, 27 February 2010

BBC 6 music et al

The debate rages over proposed cuts to the BBC with serious suggestion that radio stations 6music and Asian network could go. Also a curb on US imports and some sport. In today's Guardian writers speak mostly in defence of the threatened output, though two manage to slag off George Lamb (who does sound like a bit of a tosser) and two cite Two Pints of Lager as something they'd rather see cancelled. Which is amusing in a schadenfreudey way but doesn't answer the question; what BBC services would you cut or trim?

And it seems hard to avoid personal taste. I, naturally, would not miss it if all sport moved onto Sky immediately. Having had an exceptional amount of telly ruined by rugby, football, olympics and bloody darts in recent weeks (a level of interference that usually only happens in the summer) I can't wait to see the Beeb's shared of sport decimated, but I realise I'm in a low-testosteroney minority.

So one has to look at what the BBC should offer and whether it is provided elsewhere. In defending US imports in today's Guardian, Licy Mangan mentions 6 shows that we couldn't do without, not realising that three of them weren't on the BBC in the first place. So that argument self-defeated, the caption mentions MadMen has critical praise but low ratings, the suggestion being that means it shouldn't be on the Beeb when , of course, that is the very definition of something that should be.

What shouldn't be on the BBC then? My quick list:

any radio 1, 2 or 6 show that is duplicated by a national commercial station. I figure some shows on all networks would be threatened by that, but those that are the more eclectic and the less indulgent of egos and wannabes would prosper. Asian network could just lose some hours.

Family Guy. I love it, but it is also on cable. End of argument there.

Any sport with advertisers logos in the middle of the pitch in that trompe l'oiel style that does my eyes in. Also anything with sponsor's name in title or visible throughout. That's simply not public service content, it's commercial content. How much money have we saved so far?

The bloody lottery and any shows about doing up and selling houses. And cookery. If there's anything that (channel) five was invented for, it's that lot.

And I'd quite like someone to stop Jools Holland playing honky Tonk piano along whoever he chooses and replace him with a tv show dedicated to new music. And I'd vote for bringing back Top of the Pops but that's another story.

Those are my random thoughts, ta for listening.

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