Saturday, 27 February 2010

Idling in Edinburgh

Hev and I are tapping away on our respective iPods ahead of a day out in Edinburgh setting up her new exhibition. Crocodilopolis (for that is the exhibition's name) follows Hev's Abscission show of 2009 wherein she hid small sculptures around the city and invited people to find them and either re-position them or keep them, photograph them etc.

Abscission (google it) was inspired by a story of dolls in coffins found on Arthurs Seat in the 1850s and which also, she learnt, had inspired a book by Ian Rankin (The Falls, a Rebus story which I'm reading now as it happens). Crocodilopolis is inspired by her visit to Egypt where, in the school she was working with, they had a Nile crocodile in the school pond. Let her tell you the story someday, she tells it better than me.

So we will be secreting artworks (well she will be, I'll be watching) and tomorrow we set up an installation in the Total Kunst gallery beside the Forest cafe which you'll be able to enjoy from Monday.

And it's freezing outside which is why we're happily procrastinating on our nice warm iPods.

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