Saturday, 1 January 2011

15 Predictions for 2011

For this year's predictions, rather than concentrating on my career, which I could only jinx, I'm going to look at some things that could really make me money. I'm having a look at the things you can bet on, with actual money.

The sporting bets aside, about which I know little and care less, the website does a nice line in Novelty Bets. Obviously I won't put any money on these bets, unless I prove to be magically prescient then next time round maybe I will, but just for fun what do I predict these outcomes to be?

Bet: Who will replace Chris Moyles as Radio 1 Breakfast DJ?
I predict: Fearne Cotton 12/1

Bet: First band to officially split in 2011?
I predict: McFly 8/1

Bet: Who will win London mayoral election in 2012?
I predict: Boris Johnson 8/11

Bet: Who Will Play Alex Hurricane Higgins in his biopic?
I predict: Simon Pegg (no odds given, so 200/1?)

Bet: Who will play the next James Bond?
I predict: David Tennant (no odds given, so 500/1?)

Bet: Who will play Holden Caulfield in the film of Catcher In The Rye?
I predict: The fat kid out of Mad Men (Sally's friend?) No odds given, so 200/1?

Bet: Who will win Oldham & East Saddleworth byelection?
I predict: Labour 1/6

Bet: Who will win the Nobel Peace Prize 2011?
I predict: Vladimir Putin (no odds given so 100/1?)

Bet: Which volcano will be next to erupt?
I predict: Totally unheard of one that's not erupted for 200 years. (no odds given, so 50/1?)

Bet: Next actor to play Superman?
I predict: Milo Ventimiglia (no odds given, so 200/1?)

Bet: Who will win US Presidency in 2012?
I predict: Sarah Palin 10/1

Bet: Who will be the next BBC Trust Chairman?
I predict: Joan Bakewell (no odds given, so 100/1?)

Bet: Who will win Eurovision?
I predict: Croatia (no odds given, so 10/1?)

Bet: Who will host the Brit Awards?
I predict: Russell Brand 6/1

Bet: Will there be a White Christmas in London?
I predict: No. (You get 11/4 on it being white, what's that make non-white?)

There you have it, fifteen perfect predictions. Stay tuned for results as they roll in. Happy New Year.

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