Sunday, 16 January 2011

Socks tour publicity - memo to self re costs

This will interest nobody but me, but this is the most reliable place I can think of to write it down so that, this time next year, I'll be able to find the details again.

This is how much it has cost to produce & send, and who has done the printing of,the flyers & posters for this year's Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre spring tour.

We're playing 32 dates, for which we've printed 30,000 flyers & 500 posters. These have then needed posting to venues.

Out Of Hand printing. 3 day turnaround, art sent via Transferbig
1) 30,000 17pgsm A5 dbl sided colour flyers = £475 inc delivery
2) 500 x A3 posters = £240

Postage of flyers:
4 kilo is the limit, costs £7.06 parcel post. Over 4 kilo costs £9.
So 23 x £7.06 = £162.38
(+ one Special Delivery for Leicester Comedy Festival launch cost £21)

Postage of posters (to be added tomorrow)

TOTAL spent so far: £898.38

In addition to this there are festival registration sees for Brighton & Leicester. So, if every show were to generate £300 profit, it would take 10% of this tour to cover the publicity costs so far. Blimey. Next I'll start adding up the mileage and cost of overnight accommodation, and start to explain why my phenomenal success has not yet turned into actual money. (And don't get me started on venues that owe me money about which more anon.

Kev F & the Socks

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