Sunday, 9 January 2011

Busy first week

Well that's what I call a busy first week to a year. 2011 started, after a weekend of holiday, with me taking advantage of the bank Holiday Monday to write a screenplay.

Okay, to be honest it's only the 7 page treatment for the screenplay, but the whole plot is there and it works. It currently has the very unsatisfactory title of The Insiders, which makes it sound like a crime film, which it isn't (though it does feature a theft, physical violence, kidnapping and piracy), and the two people who've read it so far are impressed. Sadly I now have the unenviable task of finding time to write it.

Which may take some time, if the example of The Tock is anything to go by. This is a kids book in rhyming couplets which I wrote and drew (pencils) on Jan 2nd 2010. Having shown it to some people a year ago, it was agreed it needed editing. It got that on Jan 2nd this year and is now down to under 40 pages (from 60), small enough to publish. All I have to do is find time to ink and colour the pictures. (Here's a tiny bit:)

Which is how I've spent the rest of this week. Having got the non-paying screenplay and kids book out of the way, I hit my desk running (and mixing metaphors badly, sorry) on Tuesday and have since delivered two pages of a brand new comic strip for Match called Galaxy Wanderers, plus a front cover (I can't show you too much of them before publication, but here's a tiny sneak preview:)

And if those three full colour pages weren't enough, I've also produced and delivered a double page spread diorama for Doctor Who Adventures. Again I'm not allowed to show you this, even after publication (you have to buy it), but here's just one small inch of it:

A very lot of Daleks appear in the spread, as well as all 11 Doctors (one of them twice), Davros, Ogrons, Movellans, Pig People, Dalek Caan, Wilf, Ace, Robomen breakdancing, Martha & Mickey and a bazooka, a Cyberman bearing gifts, Bracewell & an Ironside, and more stuff which will be fun to spot. Oh, and the new Dalek Paradigm, all five of them. Fun fun fun.

And starting tomorrow I do three days of my first Comic Art Masterclasses of the year, followed by the first Socks gig of the year (it's at The Mill at Rode, and I think low-key may be a good description. It's not a touring gig, but the 30,000 flyers in my hallway waiting to be posted to theatres suggest that a tour is about to happen. (The flyers look like this, by the way:

Best get busy eh? Here's to 2011 everyone.

Kev F

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