Saturday, 1 January 2011

Years ending in a 1

Before I get onto my predictions for 2011, a quick thought on years ending in a 1. They have, before now, been quite significant for me.

2001 was the year of The Sitcom Trials, in as much as it was the first year I took that show, any show indeed, to the Edinburgh Fringe. This is something that I've gone on to do 6 times since, with increasing success.

1991 was the first year I edited a magazine, UT, which I devised and wrote a lot of. I also devised the syndicated Big comic and the horror comic Bloody Hell. It was the year I stepped up in the comics business from my first jobbing writer-artist work to starting to create and innovate. It's had its ups and downs since.

1981 was the year I started going out with Hev, to whom I've been married since, and the year I first performed comedy, in our college cabarets, which I also produced. I also directed videos for the first time. I've done a lot of all that since.

1971 I don't really remember much of, though I was there. It's possibly the year I drew my first comic strip or played my first guitar. Let's say it was, shall we?

1961 I remember absolutely nothing of. Which is not surprising as I spent 9 months of it in a womb, only emerging in October. Which reminds me, I have a party to organise later this year.

So, will this Year Ending in a 1 match up to its illustrious predecessors? Let's see.

Kev F

(As I write, the new series of Primeval has just started. This is better, trust me: Primarkeval )

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