Thursday, 15 December 2011

At the German Market. Handling Stollen goods - & other trivia

Having done my last schools of 2011, with just three Socks gigs to go (Saturday Westbury, Sunday Kings Heath, Tuesday private party in Edinburgh if you're interested) the thing that's keeping our household busy at the moment (apart from the winds and storms outside - we found that missing wheelie bin by the way, thanks for asking) is the preparation for Hev Tweed's new exhibition Chapman's Monkey which opens in Bristol tomorrow night (Friday) and runs till the middle of next week. After which it's Christmas.

So new Socks videos have been thin on the ground, only one produced so far this season (Baby It's Cold Outside), and so have my diary posts. However I have managed to doodle some thoughts on Twitter, so here's a round up.

Weds 14 Dec: So how come #theimpressionsshow have dropped the Claudia Winkleman bit? It's totally the most nailled impression of the series #film2011

Returning to Leicester Comedy Festival 2012

Dec 14: For the benefit of @dailymail readers, Walking With Dinosaurs will have "reconstruction" flashed across the screen throughout #frozenplanet

Press for tea. Only in Bristol RT @CarltonJefferis

I went to the chemists, I said do have any essential oils for people who are shaky on their feet? She said Tea Tree? I said I am, yes.

Dec 13: Just finished This Is England 88. Or, as it's known in our house, And Then Nothing Happens.

Also suitable as Chinese New Year present: Scottish Falsetto Socks 2012 calendar #toodesperate?

Misfits Zombie episode is brilliant! Makes up for no Walking Dead.

They won't let me into this party because I've brought a TV channel with me. I've tried telling them, it's my +1

Phew. Just as we'd concluded 50 x 2nd class stamps had gone out with the recycling, we've found them. Thankyou Santa.

Hooray, just confirmed final Socks gig of the year, a private party in Edinburgh. Unless anyone wants to book us for Hogmanay, that's us.

It is now hailing in Clevedon. It never rains...

Did you hear Australia? Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre tickets for @adelaide_fringe now on sale. Spread the word

Dec 11: There's a band called NKOTBSB. So is that New Kids On The Back Street Boys? *tries to think of stupider names...*

Hanoi Rocksy Music #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
U2Unlimited #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Durandau Ballet #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Boney M People #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Crosby Stills Nash Young Gifted & Black #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Wham Wham Wham! #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Men At Kraftwerk #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
My Chemical Brothers #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Guns And Rose West #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB
Take That Petrol Emotion #nostupiderthanNKOTBSB

Dec 11: Looks like it's me and Frankie Boyle not at the Comedy Awards on Friday then.

My TV is playing The Concrete & The Clay. Must be watching ITV 4+2

(above retweeted by Ian Rankin @Beathhigh Yes, be impressed)

Dec 11: I have the vague feeling we've just followed every single person in Adelaide. Do Tweet if we missed you #adelaidefringe

I saw a film, I saw a film with you, it made me cry right through, and it was Old Yeller #coldplaymadesadder

This calendar needs letting out at the back. Must be an add vent calendar.

Ho ho ho, the endings of cartoons still funny when changed to....

Dec 10: Just watched Thor for the first time. What a load of twaddle. Non-existent characters, atrocious dialogue. So many missed opportunities.

Dec 10 (tweeting throughout Casualty): Don't want to spoil ending of Casualty for +1 viewers. But, re who dies and who doesn't, Hev just said "Aah, they're still alive". Harsh.

Dr on Casualty just mentioned an Escherotomy. Is that cutting out intertwining optical illusion staircases that... *abandons contrived pun*

Girls falls into bed. Hospital full of locked doors. Tonight's preposterous Casualty's a bad Literal Version 80s pop vid. With dodgy CGI

Both Hev and I have now referred to Casualty as "your programme". I think we're in denial.

And what's with these air shafts? Who knew Casualty had the set of Alien hidden behind the walls?

Casualty is quite literally doing a Doctor Who. Blowing up their Tardis set so they can build a new one in Wales.

At the German Market. Handling Stollen goods.

Better to have a crack in your frozen canal, than a frozen canal in your crack. Edinburgh photo by @auntyemily

Dec 9: Hev refers to National Portrait Gallery as The Museum Of Faces #reviewshow

And the rest of my recent tweeting has been some rampant Youtoobling, which I might collect up if I can be bothered.

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