Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A year of comics by kids 2011

(I've edited this entry down as the previous version had too many images to load with ease)

2011 saw me working in a fascinating range of schools teaching my Comic Art Masterclasses all over Ireland, and England, Wales and Scotland and, in January, Abu Dhabi. Abu flipping Dhabi! In every school, working with up to two groups in a day, the kids produce comics containing a strip by every single one of them plus a caricature by me. Here are some of my favourites of the year.

When Businessmen Go Clubbing, Murder By Tesco Tomato - from Clevedon via Bourne in Lincolnshire and Harrogate.

Peter The Ginger Space Monkey, Dr Evil Eats Piggy Poo, first comics of the year. Click to see

Laymoona and other Abu Dhabi comics

I'm A Firin' My Lazor - my favourite title of the year (though there is stiff competition). From pupils in Wilts, Hants, Dartmouth, Burgess Hill and Ascot.

Journey To The Centre Of My Nose, Revenge Of the Trigger Happy Hamsters - from Kings School Gloucester, Bromsgrove Prep, Burleigh High, Loughborough, Mary Elton Primary Clevedon and St Andrews Primary Salisbury.

The Adventures Of The AK47 from Tescos, Ya Mam, Cheese Bob Lol Fish - Wales, England and Dublin.

I Like Apples, Kiss My Big Fat Bum, Revenge Of The Daleks from Swindon & Birmingham

That's What She Said, Captain Cockwash - Cork, Dungarvan

Can I Have My Apple Back Please?, The Queen Does The Splits...
...comics from Dublin, Birmingham, Kidderminster, Wiltshire

Your Bum Is Under Under Arrest, You Should Never Eat Sprouts - Cardiff, Gosport, Glasgow, Malmesbury & Bromsgrove.

Alien Belly Button Kerfuffle, from schools in Chepstow, Bristol, Ormskirk, Devon, Leicester, Clevedon and Walsall

Pretty Piggy Zombie, Toilet Seats & Pineapples - by kids in Swindon, Bradford, Waltham Forest, Maidenhead and Weston Super Mare

When Susan Boyle Strikes Back, Invasion Of The Gummi Bears from Falcarragh County Donegal, Navan County Meath, Cheltenham, Loughborough and Somerset

Barack O'Llama, Bubble Head Pants Face, Dublin, Hampshire and North Somerset

Jellyfish In A Jar, Willy Ward Sells His Ford - from Waterford, Wexford and Enniscorthy in Ireland, at Hull Truck Theatre, and at schools in Somerset, Oxfordshire, and Welwyn Garden City.

Shut Up Pig Terrorist, Death To America By Battering To Death - from London, Carnforth, Bushey, Dublin, Sheffield, and Caton & Wray in Lancashire.

Bumblebee Ate My Bottom, last comics of the year.

As always I aim to teach kids all there is to know about the fun fine art of telling stories in pictures (did I ever mention I've been writing & drawing comic strips for everyone from The Beano to Marvel & Doctor Who to Viz for over 20 years?), producing a comic book in a morning or afternoon session, a copy of which they each take home, containing a strip by every one of them plus an individual caricature by me.

I'm taking bookings into 2012 now, so get in touch quick if you're interested.

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