Friday, 23 December 2011

Hotel, motel, Holiday Inn. A year on the road.

My I've done some travelling this year, and some flying and some staying in hotel rooms. More, I think, than any previous year (I'll tot it all up shortly). Occasionally I can be arsed to take a photograph of my hotel rooms.

Some have notably big bedside lamps:

(That's The Point Hotel in Edinburgh. Very designer, ergonomically challenging.)

Some have excellent views:

(White's Hotel in Wexford. Some surprisingly impressive new architecture in Wexford.)

Some have bathrooms as big as a house:

(Abu Dhabi. Massive bathroom. What more can I say?)

Some have very big windows:

(This room in Edinburgh was taller than it was wide or long.)

And most look a bit like this:

(This is in Dublin but it could be anywhere. For the record Campanile's have the best free wifi throughout and good breakfasts but you have to pay extra for them; Ramada's have an annoying TV service and the internet is by cable only so good luck using your iPad; many hotels start breakfast too late to be of any use if you have to travel or get to work first thing in the morning, I mean breakfast at eight? Who's that useful for? The presenters of World At One maybe; and I managed to avoid Travelodges all year so cannot report whether they've started giving you soap and breakfasts yet.)

Kev F

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