Thursday, 3 May 2012

Comics & kids in Cork & beyond

It's an increasingly rare treat, waking up in my own bed this morning. With all my travels, I have only woken in my own bed at home 68 nights out of 123 so far this year. And this is just a brief hiatus in the ongoing sojourn, yesterday I was in Waterford, tonight I'll be in Halifax, and there's more of the same to come. Here's what I was up to in Ireland...

Cheesy as, as they'd say in Australia. I like to try and get a drawing done on the flipchart as the kids are filing in to the class (for my Comic Art Masterclasses this is). Even though I'm mostly copying other artists' drawing styles from comic books, kids are ridiculously impressed by this. Then I can turn round and start showing them how easy it is to do.

(If anyone knows how to turn a photo round 90 degrees on Tiny Pic, do tell. There used to be a button)

If you would like to bring my Comic Art Masterclass to your school or art centre, drop me a line, a comment, a Twitter, carrier pigeon, whatever works. Click below to see more, including video and contact details.

RECOMMENDED COMIC BOOKS & GRAPHIC NOVELS for Comic Art Masterclass students, teachers and librarians

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