Monday, 21 May 2012

Youtoobling 56UP and Human

It comes to a pretty pass when you're too busy to Youtooble, but with all my travels ands the preparations for the Socks new show, there's not been as much of the old one-pop-video-after-another random nonsense as there sometimes is. But when I get stuck in, there's fun to be had. Here are some recent playlists...


When I Grow Up, Rred Theatre Company
Seven Up: John
Butterfly, Neil, 49UP #7UP
Makin' It, David Naughton

David Naughton, "I Didn't Mean To Call You A Meatloaf Jack" American Werewolf In London transition
Women are Utah's best natural resource, David Naughton
Utah, The Osmonds
Something Good, Utah Saints
Kate Bush v Utah Saints, Something Good
Cloudbusting, Kate Bush
Weather Report, Birdland
Parker's Band, Steely Dan
Parker, Well Done, Lady Penelope
International Rescue, Fuzzbox
Thunder Road, Springsteen
Rat Trap, Boomtown Rats
Lipstick, Jedward
Waterline, Jedward
World of Water, New Musik
Chris Rock - N
Quando Quando Quando, Engelbert Humperdinck
We Are Young, Fun (live)


Real Human Being, College Drive

Human, Human League
Empire State Human, Human League
Blood For Poppies, Garbage
Self Control, Laura Branigan
Idea Of Happiness Van She
Happiness Is A Warm Gun, John Lennon
I'm Happy Just To Dance With You, The Beatles
Dancin' Fool, Frank Zappa
Fool If You Think It's Over, Elkie Brooks
Hanging On The Telephone, Will Young Radio 2 #2day
Hanging On The Telephone, The Nerves (the original)
The Telephone Man, Fenton Gray
You're Moving Out Today, Carole Bayer Sager
Dancing In The City, Marshall Hain
Step Up, Last Mistress

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