Monday, 21 May 2012

Frankentrees - new from the Scottish Falsetto Socks

It's quite hard to comprehend how this first preview of The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's forthcoming show Boo Lingerie managed to get a ★★★★ 4 star review, when you see this brief excerpt of material which, unsurprisingly, won't be making the final show...

We actually performed two shows, at 7pm on Saturday and 4.30pm on Sunday. For the record (and I realise this is more for my benefit than anyone else's) the running order and success rate went like this:

Pre-song routine (not bad)
Poe routine (one line good, mostly boring)
Foam gag (good, but would like better)
Johnny Cash song (good but would like different song)
Beetle routine (a lot is good, a lot to be cut)
Embra song (good but should be different song)
Sherlock (good)
Cross Channel Football (bad, not doing that again)
Ga Ga Rasputin (good, but would like new song)
Trees (no good, see video above)
Magic (good)
Facebook (good, but would like new song)
Improv with audience (good but needs better set up)
Titus Andronicus (some good bits but not sure overall)
Sweary Poppins (good, but not going in Boo show)

The material we didn't get round to trying on Saturday was Frankenstein, which we tried on Sunday and it went okay but was way too long. Also on Saturday we gave them Halloween, which went down brilliantly and is appropriate for the horror subject matter, but is too much of an old favourite to go into this supposedly all-new show. On neither night did we get time to try Christmas Carol, but that's too long to try out anyway, needs editing.

Thanks very much to everyone who came to the two shows, it's an invaluable exercise to test out new material in front of a live, paying, audience and I think we came away with some dignity. And, if we're lucky, about 10 minutes of material to go into the show in Edinburgh in August. Right, back to the old.... well, I'm writing on it now, but now to turn the blogging computer into the Writing Something Funny computer.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's Spring Tour & Previews Hereford May 27Harrogate June 28/29Rondo Bath July 9 • Beverly Puppet Festival July 13 • Tring July 19 • Manchester July 20 • Nottingham + Guildford July 21 • Derby July 22 • Bedford July 27 • Edinburgh Fringe August 1-26. Spread the word.

"Superbly written, crafted and performed show" ★★★★½ The Punch, Adelaide 2012
“An absolute winner” ★★★★ Chortle
 "For sheer energy and laughs per hour, these comic stockings are the biz denier miss it." - ★★★★ The Scotsman
"I experienced streaming tears of laughter and almost fell off my chair clutching my aching sides" ★★★★★ 5 STARS Broadway Baby

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