Monday, 7 May 2012

Meanwhile over at The Sitcom Trials...

When I'm not busy writing comics, teaching comics, and helping The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre do their thing, I do still like to involve myself with The Sitcom Trials. You remember? The unique comedy show where sitcoms go head to head in competition and the audience vote for their favourite, which I began running back in 1999 and which has kept going on-and-off ever since? And right now there's a bit of activity going on at its own little blog and website, which comedy fans might be interested in.

Coming up on May 24th is the Eurovision Sitcom Contest and, if you're interested, you could help select the scripts by reading, reviewing and voting on the scripts in contention. Details are here.

Following that, the newly formed Bristol Sitcom Trials group will be staging their second show in June. You can get involved by contacting their leader Vince Stadon at the Sitcom Trials Facebook page. The next meeting of the Bristol team is Sunday 13th May and interested parties are invited to come along.

And the show that grew out of the Sitcom Trials into a very successful show of its own, The Sitcom Mission, has just held a series of star-studded shows in London culminating in a grand final with a winner getting a cash prize and a TV commission. The details are all here.

And talking of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, another of our great ideas, the peer-reviewing of sitcom scripts online, seems to have been adopted by Amazon, who are getting into the sitcom business. I dunno, you can't keep an idea going on a small scale for over a decade without someone smart coming along and doing it bigger and better.

The Sitcom Trials blog is at, where you'll find the YouTube archive of our greatest stuff and all the news of our forthcoming events.

Have we found the new Episodes? The new Extras? The new Ever Decreasing Circles? You decide.


Thu May 24
The Camden Head
100 Camden High Street London NW1 0LU
8pm - 10pm £3

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