Thursday, 19 July 2012

Great unfinished material - The Locog Song

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are so busy wth their current schedule of preparing their two Edinburgh shows Boo Lingerie and Chunky Woollen Nits (both of which get more previews this weekend in Bath, Manchester, Nottingham, Guildford and Derby) that, sadly, there's been no time for making videos for the fun of it. Which is why some things have ended up never being made.

For example the Locog Song. It's sitting here as some half-finished notes, but it's a topical song based on the Olympics and by the time we get a moment to do it it'll be out of date, so you'll just have to imagine it and fill in the funny bits yourselves.

To the tune of The Beatles 'Taxman' it goes something like:

We want everything to be a success
So we gave the security contract to G4S
And it's turned into a charade
They originally wanted to staff it with the unpaid

If you run a business anywhere near
we're copyrighted the word "London" and even the year

Cos I'm the Low Cog, yes I'm the Low Cog, and you don't get much lower than me.

...etc. Well, you can see where that was going. All in all, you can probably live without that one. Onwards and upwards, Boo Lingerie previews ahoy!

Thursday - Bath Rondo Theatre
Friday - Manchester Lass o'Gowrie
Saturday - 2pm Nottingham Splendour Festival (20 min slot)
- 8pm Guildford Electric Theatre
Sunday - 2pm Derby Bar One

Do please spread the word to anyone you know who could make any of these gigs. After that we're just two gigs away from Edinburgh, for which ticket sales are looking fantastic, thanks everyone.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre present not one but two new shows at the Edinburgh Fringe 2012: Boo Lingerie - A Socky Horror Show every night at 10.40pm and Chunky Woollen Nits - The Family-Friendly Hour at 11am. Tickets are now on sale, book now!

See all other Socks tour dates in the Scottish Falsetto Socks Gig Guide.

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