Friday, 28 September 2012

Oh so nice in Neath

Last night the Scottish Falsetto Socks returned to the Clown's Pocket in Neath to headline their 3rd birthday party gig. Thanks to Juls Williams for this fab photo of us in action.

From Tony the Landlord I learned a lot about the pub, The Duke, which is one of the oldest in Wales, including the fact that Buffalo Bill kept his horses there when he brought his circus to town, and that an elephant once destroyed the kitchen window. The history of Neath is fascinating (see its Wikipedia entry) and famous Neathians (I'm sure that's not the word) include Ray Milland, Bonnie Tyler, Richard Burton, Katherine Jenkins and Julie Gardner off of Doctor Who.

See the Gig Guide below for details of this Autumn's tour dates in London, Birmingham, Bury, Teddington, Preston, Manchester and Aberystwyth. We're also in Denmark next week, if you can make it.

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