Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Socks Boo t-shirt is on eBay. But...

The good news? The Socks Boo Lingerie t-shirt is available on eBay in all sizes.

The less good news? I seem to have cocked up the listing so that there's only one shirt in each size available. D'oh. So the XXL has gone, and you'll have to be quick if you want the others.

Don't worry, you can still order the shirt direct from here at Socks central (and it's cheaper than eBay. All you have to do is pay by Paypal to, making sure you tell us your address and your t shirt size, and a shirt is on its way to you. It's £14 / €21 / $26.50 inc postage for a Boo Lingerie t-shirt, available in all sizes: S, M, L, Xl, XXL, Ladyfit S, Ladyfit M, Ladyfit L .

Love The Socks x x x


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