Monday, 3 September 2012

The Socks want your sci fi suggestions

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre want your suggestions for sci fi subjects they should tackle for their next big show, working title... well, here, they them tell you:

So, any ideas? Go on, challenge us and we'll upload videos of our work in progress. Twitter @falsettosocks or go to our Facebook page, or stick a comment after the video. All suggestions welcomed, let's see if we can't create the best show ever.

And if anyone knows where we can get a space helmet the right size for a sock..?

UPDATE: Suggestions have come in on Facebook and Twitter. Here, in approximate order of popularity, are the some of the challenges to which we should rise:
Firefly (most requested, never seen), Blakes 7 (v popular), Terminator, Planet of the Apes, Doctor Who (I'm surprised this hasn't been suggested more), Star Trek (evil mirror universe has been suggested), Outland (the writer himself has offered to send me a DVD, this is the Oz TV series not the Sean Connery movie), Alien, 2001, Gerry Anderson, Battlestar Galactica, Lost In Space, Avengers, Quatermass, Supernatural, Game of Thrones (off topic I think), Total Recall, Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Caught Fire, Hunger Games, Spaceballs, Sliders, Quantum Leap, Red Dwarf, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Futurama, Bladerunner, Buffy, Alien, Hitchhikers Guide, Dollhouse (?), The Matrix, Misfits, Being Human, The Prisoner, Back to the Future, Gattaca (yes, everyone's seen that), The Truman Show, ET, Avatar, Ursula Le Guin books (of which I've read none), Katy Perry's ET Song (I feel old, must watch), Dr Horrible (?), Bicentennial Man (??), and this list from Doug Adamson:
Earth 2
Saturn 3
Fantastic 4
Babylon 5
6 Million Dollar Man
Blakes 7
Deep Space 9
Ben 10
Space 1999

We're on the case.

UPDATED UPDATE, forgot the comments on the video itself. More suggestions:
As well as suggestions of Firefly (damn, I am now going to have to watch Firefly) & others from above we have Silent Running, Starship (?), Knight Rider, Thunderbirds, Thundercats, Chronicles of Riddick (o...kay...), The Day The Earth Stood Still (which makes me realise I've never of Day The Earth Caught Fire), Star Wars (actually one suggestion of that, but I guess everyone knows we've done that), Predator, Robocop, Dan Dare (good call) and High School Musical 3 (ha ha). So, on we go...



Ewan said...

Doctor Who goes without saying!

pmrussell said...

Doctor Who and Silent Running. Firefly comes in third.

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