Thursday, 18 October 2012

Big birthday thanks - and a pleasant surprise

Happy birthday to me, squashed tomatoes and wee, etc... And just look at the Socks posing for a thankyou photo with a couple of their favourite presents. The cards are drawn by my nieces Shona & Kirsty and are works of genius. The Socks' woolly jumpers are knitted by my sister in law Anet, inspired by the Socks' performance of The Killing, and aren't they perfect? Expect to see them in a video soon.

And the book is The Beatles in Comic Strips which I saw recently in an arts bookshop and dropped the hint I'd quite like it, so my sister Jude duly obliged. It's a delightful book which I'd heartily recommend, featuring comic strip depictions of The Beatles from 1963 right up to the present day from comics all over the world. And it contains an unexpected bonus which I had no idea was in there. Me!

Yes, when you get the book, check out page 137, and the small article about obscure British satire comic Brain Damage. They mention three of the famous artists who were in there, the third of whom is me. Seriously. What were the chances of that?

I've just noticed they've mis-spelled my name, which takes none of the gilt of the gingerbread. A birthday present from serendipity and coincidence themselves, what could be better?

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