Monday, 29 October 2012

Fan Socks - a great mini tour ends in style

With the greatest of thanks to Cathy Stroemer and family, here are the home-made Scottish Falsetto Socks they brought to yesterday's show in London, rather messily signed by me in blue pen. Honoured and flattered.

With a triumphant show at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, where the Scottish Falsetto Socks drew their biggest London audience yet, our October mini-tour drew to a close. Now, with the exception of comedy club gigs where we'll be playing 20-30 minute slots, the Socks have finished their big gigs for 2012. Boo Lingerie had a splendid run at the Edinburgh Fringe and has just enjoyed our best selling mini-tour taking in Aarhus and Copenhagen in Denmark, then 8 UK theatre dates, every one of which exceeded our expectations both in quality and quantity of response and audience.

This success may well have been helped by the special promo videos which we made for most of the shows. Indeed the lowest audience numbers came from the show which didn't have a promo vid (Aarhus, Copenhagen and Manchester), whereas the ones that did all filled up beautifully (those being Birmingham, Bury, Teddington, Preston, Aberystwyth, London).

So now the work begins on next year's "In Space" show, and at the same time there's the Sci Fi Sitcom Trials (deadline Nov 4th), for which I really ought to try writing something. And, if I ever manage to get a connection cable that works, having lost the last one in Copenhagen, we'll get back to uploading Socks videos. Stay tuned. Oh, and you could always have a look at the Socks 2013 calendar....

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre 2013 Calendar.
This unique celebration of the Scottish Falsetto Socks will see you through the year 2013, containing as it does every single day - with none missing - and all public holidays lovingly hand-mentioned, and costs just £10.25. Have a look for free and order now, you know it makes sense.

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