Friday, 12 October 2012

Socks take Boo on the road

Courtesy of Jo Clapham, a photo of the Socks live, last night, at the Old Joint Stock Theatre in Birmingham.

You can always tell I'm getting busy when the blog posts get fewer and further between. The more that's happening, the less time there is to write about it. So it is right now when the Socks have begun their October mini tour of gigs at the same time as Kev F's Comic Art Masterclasses have kicked in for the new term. Above you can see a photo of last night's gig in Birmingham which, taken from the audience, looks remarkably like almost every other photo taken from the audience, like this one and this one and especially this one. This doesn't really capture the variety of the show, but trust me they loved it.

Last week in Denmark were the first two outings of Boo Lingerie outside of Edinburgh, though having to remove all Brit-centric references made those odd shows out (by the way The Killing routine absolutely killed, wish we'd recorded it). Last night in Birmingham, in front of a near sellout audience at the Birmingham Comedy Festival, we performed our first ever 90 minute version of Boo Lingerie and it worked.

The 60 minute Edinburgh show was expanded, with its ending saved until the end of part two, its running gags stretched across the full 90 minutes (with the Prime Minister running gag, which was removed for Denmark, going unprecedentedly well. When you can get a laugh from "The Lovely Bonar Law" you know you've got a sympathetic crowd). Old favourites Earth Song, Word Association and I Change The Key found themselves back in, the latter being a very good opener to part two, while Bucket List found itself squeezed out.

Oh, and it turns out it's too soon for Jimmy Savile jokes. Good job we didn't try including the Songs You Daren't Sing Routine (though I think it might make a comeback sometime).

Tonight we play Bury Met, then next week Preston, Teddington and Manchester. If the shows are as good as last night, you're in for a treat. And if Jimmy Savile gags start to work, who knows what new material might be on the horizon?

See the Gig Guide below for details of this Autumn's tour dates in London, Birmingham, Bury, Teddington, Preston, Manchester and Aberystwyth.

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