Friday, 19 October 2012

Socks on tour, cuttings and churches

With thanks to @Mr_Mark_Brown, this cutting has appeared in a paper in Preston. If anyone can find us a hard copy, I'd love one.

Another cracking gig in the Socks mini tour last night saw them raising the roof at Landmark Arts in Teddington. Well, we say raising the roof. This is literally the highest roof under which we've ever performed, check it out:
It's literally a church, converted into an arts centre in the 1970s and, despite its gothic appearance, only actually built in the 1880s, with the highest ceiling you've seen. About the same height, I would say, as Bristol Cathedral. So, quite an echo to contend with, and I must say the Socks did it with aplomb. A cracking gig, nice encore, and another very good turnout. It would seem the video promos we did for this mini tour, coupled with the Twitter campaign has genuinely turned into bums on seats. And we sold some t-shirts last night, which is an angle which we must not let slip as these tours continue (oh god, I was almost temoted to use the loathed phrase "going forward". Don't worry, I caught myself in time).

Let us see what happens with Preston tonight and Manchester tomorrow. Preston had the video, but no direct Twitter campaign, and Manchester had neither. Let us see how that is reflected audience-wise.

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