Sunday, 11 November 2012

My Twitter diary

This blog is supposed to be a diary, as well as a place where I post news and alerts. But I regularly fail to keep any kind of note of what I've been doing and when. So, purely for my own benefit, here's a collection of some of the only notes I make of what's been going on in my life, my Tweets. Here's the inanity that has been the last month or so...

23 Oct Oh god, must not laugh. Must. Not. Laugh. Taiwanese News does Jimmy Savile. In animation. (Is that a hairy cornflake?) 

No! Not K-9 too!!!!!!!! 

10 Nov Entwistle's resigned? Where are they going to find another bass player at this time of night?

10 Nov Have just been furiously redacting our recent Tweets while listening to Tori Paedo ............ Amos! Amos! While listening to Tory Amos! 
9 Nov My earworm is the HMRC phoneline hold music. Someone just paid their tax bill. (Damn catchy tune, Vodafone don't know what they're missing)  

9 Nov Tonight the Scottish Falsetto Socks have a homecoming gig, of sorts, at Kibworth Rugby Club in Harborough See you there 

8 Nov And I'm in Dublin airport after a day teaching comics at Nick Hewer's old school, Clongowes

7 Nov Have just given up on . Quite possibly it was never funny. (Good call, , 30th birthday or no 30th birthday)  

7 Nov Granny's Back - brand new comics by kids in my Comic Art Masterclasses Enjoy. If you want me at your school, I'm here. 

5 Nov Tonight's Google earth discovery. This video was shot here

5 Nov Brand new from Sitcom Trials Bristol, 5 videos from their Halloween show Yes, all 5 sitcoms, in full. Enjoy. 

5 Nov How Feminism Has Advanced in 40 Years: There are two women on whose titles are "Military Wives" 

3 Nov Just watched Walking Dead ep 3. Now that's what we're talking about! (We had just been talking about high quality TV, as it happens). 

 2 Nov Just listened to the final Danny Baker BBC London show.  Well that was painful. Now unclenching. 

2 Nov Why's every old pop star rerecording their back catalogue? Is it a legal thing? Kylie, Jeff Lynne, Lionel Richie, Def Leppard? 

31 Oct We're watching The Shining. After some Googling we've discovered it wasn't made in widescreen. Who knew? 

30 Oct Simply the most informative article I've read on sexual practices in the BBC since the whole Savile story began,...  

26 Oct This makes me laugh. Very much. Pu Pu Hotpot (you can get me it for Christmas) 

26 Oct A cracking Socks gig tonight in Aberystwyth, thanks everyone. You were lovely.  

26 Oct Our English teacher was very fond of naked wrestling. Still, we learned the meaning of the word onamatapaedo. 

Ha ha! American comic artist encounters Doctor Who for the first time. IN A BIG WAY. via  

Blast from the past, Sitcom Trials Edinburgh flyer 2001:

24 Oct Cracking review for the Scottish Falsetto Socks and in Manchester last weekend. Cheers. 

24 Oct Not another musician re-recording their old material? This is it. Pop music is so dead Jimmy Savile would fancy it. 

23 Oct I searched "Shit Sherlock" and only found "No shit Sherlock". No "Shit Sherlock". So, no-one else is watching Elementary on Sky Living. 

23 Oct Who is the shortest-lived BBC DG ever? Will it be Entwistle, Entwhistle, Enthwistle or Entwisle? Or Greg Dyke? You decide. 

23 Oct That pic of Justin Lee Collins on

(I had to type in the Captcha philosoraptor. I know.) 

23 Oct I'm playing the Bond-hype Drinking Game. Every time Skyfall is plugged as "news" I drink a Martini. Currently hospitalised.  

19 Oct According to , Miranda's never done a stand up tour before. This, from exactly 10 years ago   

18 Oct So weird, cos they used to call him The Fat Black Duke. BREAKING NEWS: David Bowie has pale skin  via  

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