Thursday, 1 November 2012

The BBC Weather Map, a rant

Dear BBC, for the last time, would you please change your weather map. Look at the picture. On the left is the BBC Weather Map, on the right is what the British Isles actually look like. For starters, they're green not brown. And secondly they're tall and thin, not fat and wide, and the South of England is not so much more important than the North and Scotland that they have to be blown up to twice the size. The distance from Aberdeen to Harrogate is not the same as the distance from London to Bristol. I know. I've driven it. It's three times as far. So stop insulting the people of the North, the people of Scotland, and anyone who's ever bothered watering their garden and change this picture of a distorted desert to something which looks like Britain. Thankyou.

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