Sunday, 14 September 2014

25 Deja-Vus from Doctor Who Listen

Last night's Doctor Who episode Listen was one of the best of recent years, and has been particularly well received by fans. Could this be because of all the previous stories it reminds them of? Here are some previous Doctor Who stories (and a sitcom) that moments in Listen may have brought to mind. (Obviously this is full of Spoilers for the episode Listen, and all the other stories mentioned).

ALIENS OF LONDON - The previous episode's "Next Week" trailer spoils a significant bit of the story (in this case we knew the man in the spacesuit was going to be Danny, or Dannyish). In AOL, the first two-parter of Christopher Eccleston's season, we leave the story of a cliffhanger wondering whether the Doctor will escape, only to show a second later that he obviously does.

ALL SEASON 1 - The Doctor wears a black sweater under his black coat, a la Eccleston

BLINK - Words appear written on the wall. Behind you.

SILENCE IN THE LIBRARY - Invisible things that are always there in the shadows everywhere

FAMILY OF BLOOD / ELEVENTH HOUR - Thing that's in the corner of your eye

CORNER OF THE EYE (story by Steven Moffat in the Dr Who 2007 Storybook)

COUPLING (sitcom by Steven Moffat) - Couple on a date, story is cut up and loops back on variations on how date could have gone

BOOM TOWN / ROSE - Out for a meal in Cardiff, it is interrupted

IMPOSSIBLE ASTRONAUT - Creeping round a childrens home at night

FEAR HER / LOVE & MONSTERS / NIGHT TERRORS - There is a grown man in a child's bedroom, and that's not strange.

GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE - Looking under child's bed

FATHER'S DAY - Rose meets her future boyfriend as a child, also sees herself

UTOPIA - The end of time

WATERS OF MARS - Future earth space traveller shown in headlines making well-reported journey

IMPOSSIBLE PLANET/WATERS OF MARS/HIDE - That orange space suit, which every astronaut everywhere always wears. But only since 2006

BOOM TOWN - Tardis needs to recharge

WEDDING OF RIVER SONG - Reveal of who's actually in the spacesuit

HIDE - Astronaut turns out to be descendant of central couple

MIDNIGHT - Something invisible tries to get into spaceship in place where there's no life

THE BEAST BELOW - Doing a 'thing'

ROBOT - "Sontarans perverting the course of human history". Why the hell say that right now? *Self-referential cringe* (To be precise, Tom Baker's first line is "Typical Sontaran attitude… Stop, Linx… (mumble) course of human history…")

DAY OF THE DOCTOR - That barn. Yes we all recognised it. And, no, we didn't need to learn that the Doctor's parents dress like Amish.

BIG BANG - Whispering to a sleeping child and hoping they'll remember this above everything else they'll ever hear.

UNEARTHLY CHILD - "Fear makes companions of us all" line

I'm sure there were original things in the episode too.

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