Monday, 15 September 2014

Hello Muddah, the ISIS Song - Scottish Falsetto Socks

Brand new from the Socks, a satirical song that we're quite proud of, we do hope you like it.

This is has already gone through a few rewrites before getting it right, under the working title Hello Muddah, Intifadah. Some lovely rhymes that have hit the bin include "que pasa / madrassa", "hit home / Iron Dome" (the first draft was set in Gaza, hence the intifada mention, which is still a valid term for any uprising, though admittedly mostly used to refer to Gaza), and "great big Satan / these bombs did not keep raining". Here are the words that we wound up going with:

Hello muddah hello fadda
I am fighing an intifada
I am being a jihadi
Though I'm worried it might turn out I'm a baddie

I'm a rebel, here with ISIS
It turns out they're not as nice as
You would think, you saw that video?
They do all that stuff and more I do not kid you

We kill folks in every nation
Without much discrimination
Are they Shias are they Sunnis?
We don't care which per-su-asion anyone is

It's as hot as volcanic lava
Yet they make me wear a balaclava
Why'd you ever let me do this?
Could be worse, I haven't told them yet I'm Jewish

Take me back, I don't want to go to Iraq
I don't want to be with ISIS
Or are we called ISIL or IS no-one knows which one it is
Take me home, oh mudda fada
It's bad here, worse than in Gaza
I don't like being a terrorist
And worse you can't even get pissed

I thought we'd be liberating
We do more decapitating
Those 70 virgins I was promised
Don't seem worth the effort if I'm being honest

Wait a minute, there's incoming
US drones are doing bombing
I'm about to be a martyr
Kindly disregard this email mum & fada

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre are on tour... NOW!

Sept 26 - MAC, Belfast Comedy Festival
Oct 10 - Heron Theatre, Beetham Cumbria
Oct 11 - Leamington Royal Spa Centre
Oct 16 - Ormskirk Civic Hall
Oct 31 - Lichfield Garrick Studio

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